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PhotoFlashGraphics - Adobe Photoshop CC - CS5 - CS4 - CS3 - CS2 - / Adobe Illustrator CC - CS5 - CS4 - CS3 - CS2/ Painter X / Graphic Resources Site
with Inspiration / Insights into the world of Digital Creativity / Design.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 , Illustrator CS4 CS3 CS2 and Corel Painter X (Painter lX) - Graphics, Illustration, design and art.

Utilizing Adobe Photoshop CC CS5 CS4 CS3 , Illustrator CC CS5 CS4 CS3 , Corel Painter X (Painter 10), PhotoFlashGraphics continues creating many diverse types of graphics, illustrations - multimedia projects in the realm of digital designs, web site designs, digital visual graphic arts and renderings - insightful tutorials into the world of Graphic Designing and Digital Arts.

The new Adobe Photoshop CS4 CS3 for photo retouching / image editing / color painting with a selection on various brushes, gradients, layer maskes and drawing techniques. Illustrator CS4 CS3 very popular vector illustration tools. Corel Painter X (10) - painting "the natural way" - uses texture / effects / lighting. CorelDraw focusing on core tools; Draw / Photo-Paint / Dream 3D combines a vector / painting / 3D. Read my review of Corel Painter 9 (IX). Also my review of Photoshop CS2, see what this leading application offers avid photographers, enthusiastic graphic designers and creative digital artists.

Adobe Premiere - creating, editing and manipulating movies. Authorware a icon based development environment - creating and designing sophisticated creative content multimedia. Flash MX - vector animations / interactivity / movies. 3D Studio R4 / 3D Studio Max - 3D packages. Web page designs creations.

Photoflashgraphics favorite image editor, Photoshop CS5 CS4 CS3 is used extensively. I will continue to grow the online digital techniques - graphx tutorials, graphic resources, portfolio and illustrations. Photoflashgraphics favorite vector tool is Illustrator CS4 CS3 . Check out the Illustrator CS - Illustrator CS2 review - Illustrator CS2 tutorials as well see images created with this superb vector application.

Photoflashgraphics has coverage of PhotoFlashGraphics resources including, Corel Painter X, IX , Adobe CS4 CS3 Suite, Graphics Animation Resources, Photo shop CS5 CS4 CS3 - Multimedia related content sites posted in my graphics, multimedia resources & web development resources web page.

As a graphic designer / digital artist enjoy my expanding digital arts portfolio of graphics, illustrations / multimedia authored content. Original graphx, illustrations, multimedia authoring's, animations, web site design creations plus tutorials being developed, fashioned and added. Let my Photoshop CS4 techniques and Painter 9 techniques expand your creativity naturally and freely. Thanks for visiting PhotoFlashGraphics. Please send your comments to PhotoFlashGraphics. Enjoy the new sites added to Photoflashgraphics graphics site database. Photoflashgraphics Sitemap will continue bringing the resources to many top quality, dependable graphics tutorials, tips, design insights, visual imagery - information and resources to develop or advance your present understanding of design and graphics.

If you have any comments please feel free to contact PhotoFlashGraphics much appreciated hope you enjoy viewing as much as I have enjoyed creating. See you back soon.

Don Ledarney - CT Biochem. / Illustrator / Graphic Artist

Illustrator CS3 Sun Scene Illustrator CS3 Climbing Vines Illustrator CS3 Floral round Photoshop CS3 Painter X Adobe Photoshop CS3 Imagine Illustrator CS3 Hailey S Illustrator CS3 Hailey S Eye Detail Photoshop CS3 twilight-violet-embrace Photoshop CS3 soft-grundge-look Photoshop CS3 Hot Flash Photoshop CS3 Pink Blossom Photoshop CS3 Butterfly Interface Painter 11 & Photoshop CS3 Lonely tree on hill painting Painter 11 & Photoshop CS3 Oblivion Prime Glowing Text FX Glowing Text FX Model's Face Photoshop CS4 Model's Face Photoshop CS4

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