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Adobe Photoshop 6 is a premier digital image editing, photo retouching, and color painting software with powerful features for graphic artists, web designers, multimedia developers, digital wizards... 

Photoshop is an excellent tool for digital image editing allowing for both image renderings, editing and graphic manipulation. Photoshop's extensive bitmap manipulation tools make it the reigning supreme of image editing. Photoshop's image composting tools are superb; Photoshop supports many of raster image including GIF, JPEG, PNG8, and PNG24 file formats. Photoshop is the "king of ring" for editing programs, with no question having the most powerful options available on the market today. Photoshop supports you exploration of your creativity, works at peak efficiency, and allows the highest quality finished results across all media. Photoshop 6 shines in the pre-press and print production universe. 

Photoshop 6 a premier professional digital image-editing program that will enrich Internet era with evolutionary additions, for Web graphics and the print industry. Whether a newcomer or seasoned print- and Web-publishing professional you use it for Web design, prepress production, digital photography, or fine art renderings and you will love it for it's support for vector-based graphics, text editing features, new streamlined interface, new ImageReady 3.0 features, improved workflow and enhanced Web features, and dozens of new features in version 6. Adobe has redefined the limits of desktop image editing for both the Web and print with Photoshop 6.0.  Creative options available with Photoshop 6.0 seem unlimited.  .

Enjoy my Photoshop digital art / designs / creative visions, renderings and  manipulations.

<Photoshop 7><Photoshop CS2><Photoshop CS2 Preview>


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