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Illustrator CS's new type tool is probably the best new type engine on the block -  type guru's are going to love it. Adobe Illustrator CS does not package a lot of new vector drawing tools but Adobe has greatly reworking  the program's text tools. Illustrator CS now uses InDesigns stylish text engine, giving graphics designers much improved text rendering in their professional illustrations. With a small improvement of new illustration tools plus an improved printing interface, this is a valued upgrade. This application is one of  Photoflashgraphics favorite illustration tools.

1. Type - Tools

Generally, Adobe Illustrator CS's interface remains the same as Illustrator CS  v10. The new Font menu is the most obvious difference from the previous version - displaying the fonts names and actual typeface additionally  providing a PostScript, TrueType, or OpenType icon next to each font. Differences between the font formats becomes apparent as you work with  Adobe Illustrator CS new and improved typography controls.

OpenType allows for as many (up to 65,000) distinct characters in a font, including, most importantly, character variants.

Included with Illustrator CS a great variety of 100 OpenType fonts.

Two other Adobe Illustrator CS features provide further old-style typographical improvements. By selecting the new Optical Kerning option under the Characters palette will automatically correct the inter-character spacing of the currently selected words,  producing more-attractive visual text.

2. Typing - Styles

Adobe Illustrator CS includes both Character and Paragraph styles.

Illustrator CS type-on-a-path tool is greatly improved with this latest release. The new Path Text Options dialog boxes allows  control your path's text alignment, as well as the direction of individual characters as they cross the path.

Adobe has installed the same text-block management controls found in InDesign a great improvement. All text blocks now have an In port and an Out port.  The designer can link text from one block to another by dragging lines between the relevant ports just like the InDesigns feature. All text blocks can be linked text one path to other text on a path, or even to the standard rectangular text block - very nice.

Adobe Illustrator CS is very well rounded in the way of type control and is greatly improved from Illustrator CS v10.

3. 3-D Enhancement

Illustrator CS changes are primarily text related, but also includes a few new drawing updates including Illustrator CS new 3-D effects. These new effects provide extrusion - revolve commands allowing the designer to create simple 3-D shapes.

The Illustrator CS must first draw a shape using Illustrator CS standard drawing tools - then select Extrude or Revolve from the Effects Menu to interrupt the shape into a 3-D object.

Changes made remain live - the Illustrator CS can go back at any time and adjust the characteristics. the Illustrator CS can rotate objects, add bevels, lighting effects, or changes in  perspective.

The Illustrator CS can also map any symbol created onto a 3-D object thus creating a textured surface - very nice.

For simple 3-D elements or for creating interface essentials - Adobe Illustrator CS 3-D features are well designed, functional and a good enhancement to CS overall.

Summary of Features in Adobe Illustrator CS by Photoflashgraphics

  • New Typography Type engine
  • Cool 3-D Features
  • Improved Speed over v 10
  • Templates and other professionally-designed content
  • Improved PDF handling
  • Files compatible with Photoshop
  • Scribble effect
  • Greater print capabilities
  • Tighter incorporation with Microsoft Office

Adobe Illustrator CS Reviews - Ratings by Photoflashgraphics

PC Magazine - 5 out of 5 Illustrator CS review
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- "After having taken a good long look at Illustrator CS my overall impression is that this is still the leading software for industry professionals..." (Illustrator CS review)
PC Magazine - 5 out of 5 Illustrator CS review
- 8 out of 10 Illustrator CS review
Photoflashgraphics - 9 out of 10 Illustrator CS review

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