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Adobe Photoshop CS is a premier digital image editing, photo retouching, and color painting software with powerful features for graphic artists, web designers, multimedia developers, digital wizards, photographers... CS underlines the ongoing integration between Adobe applications. CS refers to term "Creative Suite" - tighter integration of Adobes prime products. The graphics below I created with Photoshop CS.

Adobe Creative Suite includes Adobe Photoshop CS with Imageready CS, Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Indesign CS, Adobe Golive CS, Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional, and the very new "version cue" file version manager system for both the PC and MAC.

Describe below are just a few of the new exciting features in Photoshop CS. To get full view of Adobe Photoshop CS or any of the new creative suite products please review at Adobe's web site.

Photoshop CS mostly aimed at the digital photography. There are also several great tools for the graphic / web designers / Illustrator CS. The digital photographer will appreciate Photoshop CS tools such as match color, shadow /highlight, photo filter, color replacement brush, lens blur filter, and the file browser.

Features in Photoshop CS

1. Photoshop CS - nested layer folders

Photoshop CS 6 allowed creating layer folders with Photoshop CS you now can put one layer folder inside another layer folder. Organize those layers efficiently to suit your needs.

2. Photoshop CS - raw image

Digital cameras generally save images in raw format not the jpeg format. Photoshop camera raw & jpeg 2000 plug-in are now an integrated part of Photoshop CS. The raw format contains much more information, and converts them to jpeg take up less storage in your memory card. Photoshop CS now reads the raw format directly. Jpeg 2000 creates better-quality images for the same compression.

3. Photoshop CS - 16-bit editing

Sixteen-bit color gives you lots of room, so you can make those big adjustments without ruining the photo - previous versions of photoshop let you use 16-bit images in very restricted ways - one couldn't use layers or most of the filters available. one now can utilize just about t everything you need in the versatile 16-bit format.

4. Photoshop CS - shadow/highlight adjustment

One should still learn and have an understanding curves and level adjustments. Having said that the tool is very quick for correcting over and yes under exposed images using simple sliding adjustments with changes reflected in the preview window. It does a good job for photoshop beginners offering the very good balance between automation and functionality.

This new command reduces bringing out shadow detail to one single step. it matches manual methods and does very quickly with excellent results. Levels / curves adjustments are replaced by "amount" sliders. The effect of brush radiuses / gradients is replaced by the "radius" sliders. Just a tip it is even more powerful when keeping one eye on the histogram palette, this allows you to see the effect the changes.  .

In my humble option Photoshop CS is worth the upgrade whether you are a photographer, digital artist or another related graphics field.

Summary of Features in Photoshop CS

  • file browser improvements
  • far-reaching 16-bit editing
  • integrated camera raw support
  • match color
  • histogram palette
  • lens blur
  • shadow / highlight correction
  • photo filter adjustment layers
  • photomerge
  • picture layout editor
  • color replacement tool
  • non-square pixel support
  • customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • text enhancements
  • layer comps
  • metadata enhancements
  • pdf management
  • crop / straighten photos

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