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Corel Painter 7, is the premier Natural-Media painting tool for maximum creative expression in a digital environment.

Painter is like a well-presented and well organized artist's digital studio. With textured surfaces, brushes and tools, one can imitate creations with chalk, pastels, oils, pencil, watercolors, felt pens, ink, crayons, and so on - non-traditional tools such as image hose, pattern pens, cloners, and special effects are readily available.

Corel Painter 7 brush library design makes easy to move / share brush libraries, categories, and variants.

Files can easily e moved between Corel Painter IX and Photoshop CS. The digital artist can save and open layered PSD files, while the layers completely intact.

Painter 7 c
olor management enhancements includes a updated redesigned interface.

Text creation has been improve - with a shape-based text tool and the dynamic text plug-in.

Compatibility with Photoshop CS allows your creations to be moved effortlessly between Painter and Photoshop CS. Artists can save - open layered PSD files, keeping the total layers unharmed.

A pressure-sensitive graphics tablet  is advisable to get the most contentment out of Painter 7.    .

Enjoy my Painter art/ designs / visions and digital manipulations.

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