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5.  Photoshop CS - match color 

You can now match the color space between multiple photos automatically, a great method to use to create constituency over layers or multiple images with only a small amount of tweaking before the final result. So if you have a great photo you want to match with say a "warm" photo, Photoshop CS will do it. -  great for collages and adding people to new backgrounds, streamline images for montages and panoramas. Instantly match the color scheme of one image to another in a very quick manner - controls over luminance, color intensity, fade and so forth. it is very quick, efficient, and powerful. the color match command allows one to adjust the color balance based on a complete or partially chosen other layer or image.

6.  Photoshop CS - histogram palette

The new histogram palette is a long overdue addition. having to look in two different places - levels and histogram command - to view all the histograms was very inconvenient and annoying - these histograms did not updated as you changed the image in versions  previous to Photoshop CS - one could only see the effect on the histogram to levels, curves, etc. after changes where made.

The new histogram palette allows one to make your image adjustments while still keeping an eye on the "current" histogram even to view the histograms in the different channels concurrently, allowing greater precise adjustments also reducing the risk of clipping and posterization. The histogram palette shows a "ghosted" image of the "before" histogram, and updates the "after" histogram in "real time" - a great new feature.

7.  Photoshop CS - file browser updated

If you work with allot of image then the file browser is a grand feature for viewing images, batching, flagging images for further use. It is a good assets management tool.

Two other enhancement that digital photographer will appreciate including: photomerge, crop and straighten.

8.   Photoshop CS - layer comps

This new and innovative feature allows the graphic designers / digital artists takes the burden out of hiding/show different versions of the same image. The palette allows you to save various 'status' of the same image. It is simple, functional and a great feature.


With Photoshop CS, adobe has taken a great step in the digital photography direction. For digital photographers, there are many more reasons to upgrade to Photoshop CS than there were to upgrade to previous Photoshop 7.

Summary of Features in Photoshop CS

  • file browser improvements
  • far-reaching 16-bit editing
  • integrated camera raw support
  • match color
  • histogram palette
  • lens blur
  • shadow / highlight correction
  • photo filter adjustment layers
  • photomerge
  • picture layout editor
  • color replacement tool
  • non-square pixel support
  • customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • text enhancements
  • layer comps
  • metadata enhancements
  • pdf management
  • crop / straighten photos

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