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Photoflashgraphics - Photoflashgraphics a user friendly Photoshop CS / Illustrator CS / Painter / Graphic Resources Site with an impressive Gallery of Graphics Tutorials, Inspiration / Insights into the world of Digital Creativity / Design

Multimediator - Web site devoted to helping people find out more about multimedia. Home to an indispensable guide to multimedia associations, books, magazines, Internet resources, and employment. Canada's Multimedia Guide

Open Directory Project / Computers / Multimedia  - Huge directory of multimedia resources

Computers:Multimedia - Yahoo index to multimedia on the Net


Macromedia Director Home Page - Official Page from Macromedia


Designing and Managing


Index to Multimedia Information Sources

Multimedia Authoring Systems FAQ which also includes a comprehensive

List of authoring software with accompanying notes

Apple Computer

Communication Arts - Creativity Magazine for graphic designers, art directors, copywriters, photographers, Illustrator CSs and multimedia designers    .

Eastman Kodak Company

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