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Photoflashgraphics - Photoflashgraphics a user friendly Photoshop CS2 / Illustrator CS2 / Painter / Graphic Resources Site with an impressive Gallery of Graphics Tutorials, Inspiration / Insights into the world of Digital Creativity / Design

Corel Painter IX Techniques - Site links for Fractal Design Painter tips, tricks and techniques. Important Painter resources.

Welcome to Artistry Online - Artistry created 10 tutorials and images by working with professional artists; talking about their line art coloring techniques using Painter. Read one of these tutorials here online and, the others can be purchased as downloadable Acrobat files.
Corel Painter IX Tutorials - Ruku - Collection of tutorials; custom character texturing to layers in Painter 6.

DiP Painter Explorations - Tutorials;  making seamless tiles with the Image Hose

Country Landscape Tutorial - Landscape tutorial using; mixture of floaters, transparent layers and nozzles.

Additional Painter Resources & Tutorials:

New Painter Page

Corel Painter IX Online


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