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Fractal Painter 6 now Corel Painter 6, is the premier Natural-Media painting tool on the market today, delivering hundreds of brushes and creative materials, opening new avenues for Professional-level high-quality output for print and the Web. 

A truly natural-media graphics tools, this unique painting program lets you work with virtual brushes, pens, markers, canvases, and other types of art materials that act like their real-world design situations. Graphic designers, fine artists and web developers alike can use hundreds of brushes and art materials to reach new levels of creativity in digital art designs. Corel Painter 6 has redesigned the brush engine technology allowing for faster, accuracy, and responsiveness renderings.

Corel Painter 6 has innovative interface, has organized and structured palettes.

Painter 6 is best used with pen-tablet. Painter 6 maintains layer and mask information in Photoshop's PSD file format. Use Painter 6 to add depth realism to graphics artwork and interactively renders painted surfaces in 3D. Definitively Painter 6 is the ultimate painting tool for graphic designers and fine artists.

Enjoy my Painter  art / designs / visions and digital manipulations.

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