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Daniel Ledarney

Multimedia Computer Applications Specialist

Graphic Artist / Designer

CT (Biochem.)

BOX 521

Teulon, Manitoba CA


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donxl at mts dot com

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I am currently seeking employment in the graphics/multimedia field. I will consider contract or telecommuter work although I am mobile.
Please mail me if you have any questions.

I have been fortunate to utilize the computer as a tool in graphic design and multimedia work; e.g., sandblasting, glass artwork,
digital and print imagery. I wish to continue to expand my knowledge in the seamless melding of audio, video, text, design, and animation
described in the world of multimedia. I am looking for web systems integration company, offering leading edge Internet and Multimedia
technology specializing in electronic commerce, web-based learning, entertainment and custom web solutions. I have a keen interest in
continuing growth through exposure to a variety of technologies. I will utilize these dynamic innovative tools in a business environment;
specifically, to find meaningful work as a multimedia developer with an organization that is creative and innovative.

I am currently learning several software packages used in the pre-press/graphics industry as well as looking into the possibility of getting
my NetGuru Internet Webmaster Designer or Administrator Certification. I remain committed to life long learning.
On the personal side would be to make a small difference in this world ...


Technical Skills
- Computer Hardware
- Computer Operating Systems
- Computer Software
Education and Training
Associations and Interests


Computer Graphics Artist - Web Developer / Graphic Designer / DTP

Nygård International

Largest Manufacture of Ladies Apparel in Canada - Nygård International
3rd. largest in North America
~15 years

Carpenter/General Contractor/Project Manager self-employed

- 12 years of experience.
- Residential, commercial and custom homes.
- Consistently met budgets and time deadlines.
- Building carpenter/estimator.
- Utilized Landsdowne, quantity survey approaches.
- Supervision/delegation of 4-5 person work crews.
- Custom building-log cabins - - Panda-Boat homes.
- Renovations and retrofit projects.

General Manager/Owner Colonial Plate and Auto Glass

- Planned, co-ordinated, directed and implemented business direction.
- "First" in Manitoba - classification glass sand blasting manufacturer.
- Applied techniques: sandblasting, screen printing, graphic design.
- Trained 4 employees in construction and glazing techniques.
- Collaborated with businesses concerning design.

1974-1980 Technologist University of Manitoba, MB, Canada

Faculties: Biochemistry, Geological Sciences & Zoology.
Note: Grant related positions.

- Pilot studies with sophisticated laboratory equipment.
e.g., heart and cartilage research.
- Collected, documented and assisted in analysis of experimental data.
- Prepared tables, charts, graphs, statistical analysis for final reports.


Computers - Hardware:

- Ricoh CL7100
- Canon i9100
- Canon ColorPASS -Z60
- Epson Express 1640XL Large Format Scanner
- HP 9500
- HP 4C Scanner
- Umax Astra 1120P Scanner
- HP DesignJet 5500
- HP ScanJet 6300C 
- Ricoh CL7100
- Konica Minolta C450
- Konica Minolta C500
- Intel Smart Recorder Pro
- DVD / CD-ROM Drives
- Perception Video Recorder
- Iomega Zip / Jaz Drives / Jump Drives / Enclosures
- HP SureStore 7110I CD-Writer Plus
- Wacom Tablets: Wacom ArtPad II / Intuos Graphics Tablet (Model GB-0912-U)
- LapTop: Toshiba Satellite 4060XCDT
- AMD Athon 64 X2 4400+ w/ 2 GB TwinX Corsair Matched Memory

Computers - Operating Systems:

MS-DOS, Windows 3.x1, Windows 95/98/NT/2000 Professional, Windows XP Pro,
Windows Vista 32 bit,Window 7 Pro 64bit

Computers - Software:

Graphic Design / Image Enhancing & Editing / Graphic Arts

- Corel Draw v 8/9/10
- PhotoShop v 4/5/5.5/6/7; Photoshop CS; Photoshop CS2, Photoshop CS3, Photoshop CS4 Extended by Adobe
- Fireworks v 3/4
- Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 and Camera Raw 5
- Bibble 5 Pro
- Fractal (Corel) Painter v 5/6/7/8; Painter 10, Corel® Painter™ 11
- Illustrator CS v 8/9/10; Illustrator CS; Illustrator CS2, Illustrator CS3 Illustrator CS4 by Adobe
- Freehand 10/ MX
- Streamline 4.0
- Face Lift Studio
- Genuine Fractals Print Pro 3 / Genuine Fractals 4 Print Pro
- Extensis Mask Pro 3
- Extensis Intellihance Pro 4 by Extensis
- AutoEye 2 by Auto FX
- FaceFilter Studio by Reallusion


Animation and 3-D:

- 2D Animator Studio
- 3D Studio Max
- Flash v 4/5
- GIF Animator


Authoring Tools:

- Authorware v 4
- Director v 6
- Netscape Navigator Gold
- Adobe Dreamweaver v 3/4
- Microsoft FrontPage 98 / 2000 / 2003
- Notepad -- Hand Coded HTML


Digital Audio Video:

- Premiere v 5.1
- Autodesk Soundlab
- Sound Forge v 4/5/6
- Willow Pond Audio


Office Productivity/Desktop Publishing:

Microsoft Office 2003, OpenOffice, WordPerfect, Microsoft OfficePro v7/2000, Microsoft Office 2002 XP,
Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro, WinZip, Norton Utilities & Antivirus, Iomega Tools, Microsoft Publisher 97,
Corel Print House, Faxtalk for Windows.



Ethernet, slip, faxing via e-mail, TCP/IP, ftp and http, Iphone, e-mail, IRC, telnet, World Wide Web, WS_FTP Pro.


Computer Languages:

Basic, Fortran, XHTML, Lingo, JavaScript.



Photo Studio experience, Webmaster, Keyboarding, HTML, DHTML, Beta Tester, Kais Power Tools (KPT) v 3/5/6,
PhotoSoap,& Power Goo, AlienSkin Eye Candy, Opera, Repligator, WinRAR, WinZip, Browserola - browser emulator.


1999 ZDU taken over by SmartPlanet
Certificates awarded.
Freehand 10 8.0, Introduction; Photoshop CS 5, Tips & Tricks;
Dreamweaver, Part 1; Illustrator CS 8 Part 1

1998 Multimedia Computer Applications Specialist (Diploma)
Robertson College Winnipeg Mb., Ca.

1996 Appraisal Candidate
Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC) Winnipeg

Business Administration Certificate (ongoing)
Red River Community College (R.R.C.C.) Winnipeg

Exploring the Internet course
Intro. to HTML & Web Design
Exploring the Web with Netscape 3.0.
Virtual Spectrum University (1994) California

1993 Building Construction Technician Certificate
1988 How to Invest in Real Estate
1985 Professional Sales Techniques
Red River Community College

1991 Introduction to Real Estate
MB Real Estate Assoc. Winnipeg

1978 Small Business Accounting
Wascana Institute Regina, SK

1974 Biochemical Technology Diploma R.R.C.C.
Advanced Biochemistry, Histology, Microscopy Micro-technique
University of Winnipeg Winnipeg


- Member of the HTML Writers Guild.
- AIC Candidate member, past.
- Canadian Shareholders Association (CSA).
- Member - Chemical Institute of Canada (MCIC), past.
- Member - Canadian Laboratory Society of  Technologists (MCLST), past.
- Global Experiment Fax from the Internet Group, past.
- Volunteer work one-on-one with seniors.
- Guitarist, wine-making, avid reader: on-line magazines, science fiction.

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