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Parting of the waves effect.

Illustrator CS - Grizzly Adams

by  Daniel Ledarney

Summary:To create bright new exciting designs with fonts the designer can fill text lettering with patterns or partially fill each letter with a pattern.  Below describes one method for partially filling the characters in a text object.

1. Create a new file>Create/Expand the pattern>apply the brush
Save pattern in Swatch Palette
Create a new file (Ctrl+N) in CMYK mode a color background of white. In order to create a used aged look for the font of your choice the designer must fracture the edges of the type object. In order to create a rough pattern we use the Scribble effect to replace the solid fill of each letter in the text object. First draw a rectangle filled with Black - no stroke. The dimension do not matter, resize a necessary latter on. While the object is still selected apply the Scribble effect. Effect>Stylize>Scribble. Scribble option as seen on the right are: 30 degree angle, Path Overlap 0 in, Variation 0.02 in, Stroke Width 0.02 in, Curviness 0 %, Variation 43 %, Spacing 0.06 in, Variation .01 in.
Illustrator CS - Scribble Settings
2. Enhancements to text
To further enhance the scribbled text object convert the to a path and apply a brush to it... Select the rectangle choose Object>Expand Appearance.  The Scribble Effect in the object  will be changed into a path. Next apply say the Thick Pencil Brush to the Scribbled Expanded Path. Even thought the last three image on the right - Scribble Effect , Object Expanded and the Thick Pencil Brush appear to be the same they are not, each is different. 

3. Blur and Distort.
In Photoshop choose the Image > Rotate > 90o. Choose Filter > Blur > Motion Blur. Use 90 o for the Angle and 22 pixels for the distance. Play around with the distance until you find what you like. As you can see the higher the distance option the "softer" the lines appear. Choose filter > Distort > Wave. Settings used from top to bottom: 3, Sine type, Wavelength - 10 to 25, Amp.- 1 to 22, Scale - 70 to 1 and repeat edge pixels on.  Choose filter > Distort > Ocean Ripple. I used 14 for the size and 6 for the magnitude to get the effect shown on the right.


Comparison of Object Expanded vs. Thick Pencil Brush applied

Comparison of Object Expanded 
vs. Thick Pencil Brush applied

Download Illustrator CS zipped file
(506 KB) for examples above  

4. Enlarge & apply more effects.
Enlarge the canvas in Photoshop To prepare for the next step increase the size of your canvas. Choose Image > Canvas size add about 150 or more pixels to both the horizontal and the vertical. Choose filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates. Select the Polar to Rectangular button and watch the inside out effect amaze you. Choose Image > Rotate Canvas > Flip Vertical. The image now is "turned upside down". Use the marquee select tools and select the central part of the image. Feathering about 12 pixels. Leave about 50 pixels few on top and bottom and 100 pixels on either side. (Merge layers) Apply Polar coordinates again.  Add another image to your liking as seen in the largest image at the top.

 Illustrator CS - Grizzly Adams