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Unique Texture and Effect with Photoshop 7.0

Adobe Photoshop 7 Tutorials. Letter on Wall Plate







by  Daniel Ledarney

Summary:Set the fore and background colors, apply clouds, apply texturizer to new white layer, erase some bricks, set the layer to multiply, apply texturizer to additional layer(s).  Add additional character by using bevel and emboss, outer glow and changing the layer characteristics.  Add text/letters/symbols what ever you wish to wall to enhance its "characterize" while further manipulating with bevel and emboss and layer settings.

You may use Photoshop techniques to create a many varied textures.  This is only one among many.
1. Create a new file.
Create a new file (Ctrl+N) in RGB mode with a resolution of  72 dpi a black background and dark brown red foreground.  The example is 600 x 600 (pixels). Now use the cloud effect filter. It should look like the image on the right.  Add a new layer (New>Layer>New Layer or Click on the create new layer icon at the bottom of layers palette) fill with white, apply the texturizer filter using in this case the brick texture. Play around with the controls. Now you have a white layer with a brick motif applied.  Using a 100 size brush (white foreground) paint over the bricks, making sure you leave some brick bump.  Add a new layer to fill with white, apply texturizer again with for example canvas, here a loaded custom texture was applied to enhance depth in a very subtle manner.  Again the layer was set to multiply.
Adobe Photoshop 7 Tutorials. Clouds
2. Additional Depth Enhancements.
Add another layer, fill with white apply texturizer  burlap, remove some of the burlap bump with a white brush just like before. The layer was set to overlay the result is on the right.  Then two new layers where added, filled with white, texturized with a custom image (a guitar *.psd  image). Both layer images where moved (with the move tool) positions in the layer to spatially enhance the images and set to multiply. Add a new layer, set the foreground color to Grey, select the circular marquee tool, set the feature to say 5 pixels, in each to the four corners make a marquee selections fill, apply bevel and emboss effect and set the layer to multiply
Adobe Photoshop 7 Tutorials. Brick and Additional Depth Enhancements.
3. Enhancements Continued.
Add another layer, using the Grey color and various sizes of brushes add strokes, blobs, scratches, etc. to various locations on the layer, now again apply Layer>Effects>Outer Glow. Select a Brown color, apply and set the layer again to multiply. The image on the right is what the grouped layer without the cloud effect layer seen. 
Adobe Photoshop 7 Tutorials. Layer Depth Enhancements without Clouds.
4. Adding Letter(s)/Symbol(s)
To a new layer with the text tool add a letter. Here the letter W (Arial Rounded MT Bold) was added, filled with Grey and Layer>Effects>Bevel and Emboss was applied. The layer set to multiply. Another layer was added and the same method was applied as above except the new layer was set to Color Dodge. The image on the right is just another variation of the texture effect. Elephant in Wall.
Adobe Photoshop 7 Tutorials. Variation