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Parting of the waves effect.


Adobe Photoshop - Parting of the waves







by  Daniel Ledarney

Summary:Create random shapes and fill; rotate canvas; apply wind; rotate canvas and apply motion blur; apply wave and ocean ripple filters; expand canvas; apply polar coordinates; rotate canvas; select "central" portion of image; apply polar coordinates again.  Add more images and flatten.

You may use adobe Photoshop techniques to create unusual effects.  This is only one among many.
1. Create a new file.
Create a new file in photoshop (Ctrl+N) in RGB mode with a resolution of  72dpi a black background.  I used 300 x 400 pixels. Create random shapes in various colors. Use the lasso tool to create various shapes and fill them with various colors of  high contrast.
Adobe Photoshop 7 Tutorials. Random Shapes
2. Rotate Canvas apply filters.
Marquee select Image > Rotate Canvas > 90 o CCW. Choose Filter > Stylize > Wind. Select blast with from the left and ok. To add some randomization choose this filter again (Wind) and select blast from the right
Adobe Photoshop Blasted shapes.
3. Blur and Distort.
In Photoshop choose the Image > Rotate > 90o. Choose Filter > Blur > Motion Blur. Use 90 o for the Angle and 22 pixels for the distance. Play around with the distance until you find what you like. As you can see the higher the distance option the "softer" the lines appear. Choose filter > Distort > Wave. Settings used from top to bottom: 3, Sine type, Wavelength - 10 to 25, Amp.- 1 to 22, Scale - 70 to 1 and repeat edge pixels on.  Choose filter > Distort > Ocean Ripple. I used 14 for the size and 6 for the magnitude to get the effect shown on the right.  
Adobe Photoshop Ripple Effect applied.
4. Enlarge & apply more effects.
Enlarge the canvas in Photoshop To prepare for the next step increase the size of your canvas. Choose Image > Canvas size add about 150 or more pixels to both the horizontal and the vertical. Choose filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates. Select the Polar to Rectangular button and watch the inside out effect amaze you. Choose Image > Rotate Canvas > Flip Vertical. The image now is "turned upside down". Use the marquee select tools and select the central part of the image. Feathering about 12 pixels. Leave about 50 pixels few on top and bottom and 100 pixels on either side. (Merge layers) Apply Polar coordinates again.  Add another image to your liking as seen in the largest image at the top.
Adobe Photoshop Final image.